What’s New

New in AutoAnnotate 1.5

  • UI updates to the AutoAnotate creation dialog.

    • Option to label clusters using the name of the most significant node in the cluster.

    • New slider that alows to choose the granularity of the clusters.

    • Support for using the MCODE app to find clusters in the network.

  • Thumbnail view at the bottom of the cluster panel.

  • Slider at bottom of cluster panel that allows to show/hide nodes according to their significance.

  • Better integration with EnrichmentMap.

  • Advanced options section in the Display Options panel.

  • Bug fixes.

New in AutoAnnotate 1.4

  • Requires Cytoscape 3.9

  • Display option for fill color palettes.

  • Display option for cluster padding.

  • Summary networks have improved attribute aggregation.

    • Attribute aggregation now works for edges as well as nodes.

    • There is a new settings dialog that shows when creating a summary network.

    • Attribute aggregation settings can be specified for each individual column.

  • Summary networks have improved integration with the EnrichmentMap App.

    • New default aggregators for EnrichmentMap columns that make more sense.

    • Summary networks work with the EnrichmentMap Heat Map panel.

  • Improved support for hidden nodes and edges.

    • Hiding nodes causes the clusters to resize to the visible nodes.

    • Hidden nodes and edges are ignored by clustering algorithms.

  • Several bug fixes

New in AutoAnnotate 1.3

  • Requires Cytoscape 3.7

  • Drawing annotations is much faster

  • Word Wrap feature for cluster labels

  • New Feature: copy annotations to another network

  • Support for column namespaces

  • “annotate” command now returns JSON

  • Cleaner layout for “quick start” panel

  • Cleaner layout for “display options” panel

  • Cleaner menu layouts

  • Several bug fixes