Display Options

  • In the Results Panel on the right side is the Display Options Panel.

    • This panel is used to modify the look of the annotations.


Changing Display Options

This AutoAnnotate Display panel shows display options for the currently selected Annotation Set.


Shape Options


There are two available shapes: Ellipse or Rectangle

Border width

Slider that adjusts the width of the cluster annotation borders.


Slider that adjusts the opacity of the cluster annotation fill color. Slide to the left for completely transparent. Slide to the right for completely opaque.


Slider that adjust the space between the content of a cluster and the annotation border.


When selected the annotations will have multiple colors from a color palette. The color of each annotation is chosen automatically from the palette.

Fill Color

Opens a color picker for choosing the fill color.

Border Color

Opens a color picker for choosing the border color.

Hide Shapes

Select to hide all cluster shape annotations.

Label Options

Font Size

Slider that adjusts the font size.

Scale font by cluster size

When selected the size of the label will be relative to the number of nodes in the cluster. Larger clusters will have larger labels. When deselected all the clusters will have the same size labels. Slider is used to adjust the font size or font scale.

Font Color

Opens a color picker for choosing the font color.

Word Wrap

Allows long labels to be broken and wrap onto the next line.

Wrap Length

Defines the maximum width of the label in number of characters. Individual words that are longer than the wrap length will not be broken. Has no effect if Word Wrap is disabled.

Hide Labels

Select to hide all cluster labels.

Reset Button

Sets all the display options back to their defaults.

Advanced Options

Use color of significant nodes

If this option is enabled then the color of each cluster annotation will be the same as the color of the most significant node in the cluster.

Highlight significant nodes

If this option is enabled then the most significant node in each cluster will be highlighted by making its label larger.

Set significance attribute

Opens a small dialog that lets you choose which column (or EnrichmentMap chart) to use to compare the nodes in each cluster to determine which node is the most significant.


This slider is used to increase or decrease the spacing between the nodes in the network. The slider behaves the same as the one in the Layout Tools panel.